Company Profile

SUNE2 is a leading battery supplier in Singapore. Sune2 has been supplying battery monitoring system (BMS), Wireless GSM telemetry system, adjustable dc power supplies to the World and have developed a strong business partner networks of distributors, resellers and joint ventures. Our partners have their customer’s close to their hearts and their interests are well protected.

Ours aims is to help our clients to

  • Increase the availability of their mission critical infrastructure
  • Improve efficiency and manageability
  • Minimize risk of business interruption

Our Commitments

Future Proof of Solution

We are committed to product excellence and quality to meet the client requirement through constant product improvement and staff motivation. This commitment includes after sales service and technical support so that the client could ensure that their critical infrastructure is 24 X 7 available without any interruption.

In-Depth Understanding of clients need

With the technical expertise and experience of our Business development, engineering and technical staff, we have a strategy which provides solution in order to protect our clients interest and meet their expectations and requirement.

Service and Support at is paramount

We are fully committed to achieve the highest levels of client’s satisfaction by offering a one stop solution approach from consultancy, research and development, Project management from installation until commissioning, and after sales service.